Homeschool Log | October 27-30

Timothy’s Age: 2.5
Samuel’s Age: 5

A lot has been going on in our world in the last month-and-a-half including a cross-country move. I am eager to start sharing our homeschool logs again. Despite my desire to plan and prepare, there is something said to truly following the interests of the boys.  So, without further ado, here is some of what’s been going on in our house this week.


10/27 Tuesday

We are all sick today, so structure has pretty much gone out the window. Despite our tiredness, scratchy throats and runny noses, lots of learning has been going on.  This morning, Samuel was talking about the hundreds of songs in his head and asked to listen to the “Dun dun” song by Mozart. We read a little bit about Mozart and listened to some of his works all morning long.

The boys exercised fine motor skills while tearing paper and making tiny paper balls for their recycling truck. Timothy learned about physics with our marbel works set.  He actually did a really amazing job of figuring out what pieces to put where for his marbles to do exactly what he wanted.  Both boys have also been having fun with their toolset, learning about the names of the different tools and putting on their worker hats, pretending to be construction workers.


10/28 Wednesday

We were waiting for the FedEx man to deliver several packages today, so as we waited, we practiced using our observation skills. We counted birds, talked about the things we saw, compared sizes and played logic puzzles (i.e. how do you know that tree is in their back yard?). We also read lots of books while we were waiting.

Samuel learned a bit about plumbing while helping daddy hook up the diaper sprayer; and once our packages FINALLY arrived ;), Timothy got to practice his fine motor skills with nothing else, but beloved bubble wrap. 🙂


10/29 Thursday

We have had so much fun with one of the packages that arrived – felts.  The boys have been having fun making up all sorts of stories as I finish cutting out each piece.  They have also taken a cue from all my cutting and have enjoyed coming up with their own cutting projects.

We have been continuing to enjoy learning about Idaho state history.  Our favorite part has been reading “The Boy Homesteader” by Mabel Rosamond Brose. It is beautifully written and filled with all sorts of true stories about a family homesteading in Boisie Idaho in the late 1800’s.  Not a day goes by where we don’t read at least one chapter. and we have learned about a lot of old tools and farming methods.  It’s been fun for everyone.

10/30 Friday

We did a lot of reading today.  Mostly about camping (in preparation for our weekend camping excursion), and fire safety/firefighters (in preparation for our visit to the fire station on Thursday). Needless to say, the boys are super excited about both events.  Timothy is excited about sleeping in a tent and Samuel is excited about being outside ALL DAY! 🙂  Samuel is learning how to stop – drop – and roll, and Timothy is having loads of fun pretending to be a fire engine, and then a firefighter.

Samuel is learning how to be a super duper vacuumer – going around the edges of the room and vacuuming in lines to be sure he doesn’t miss a spot.  He is doing great, and will soon be able to take over that portion of Friday chores all by himself. 🙂
Our main focus of the day, however, were social skills.  Both boys were having a hard time today, so they needed extra help learning how to share, work together and manage emotions.  I think we often forget that these skills are a VERY important part of school for littles, and on days like this I feel like I’m getting nowhere, but young children need lots of hugs, support and guidance.


This week, there has been a lot of learning going on, but I think the biggest learner has been me.  I am learning to let my kids be kids and follow their lead. They naturally WANT to learn, and I need to trust that and be there to facilitate their curiosity. What about you? What have you been doing at home? What are you learning? What about your kids?


One thought on “Homeschool Log | October 27-30

  1. I have found that the greatest thing about teaching is the chance to observe and learn from the children. Your week sounds fantastic.

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