Homeschool Log| May 17-23

My boys are two and four. They aren’t quite old enough for “school” yet, but we like to do a lot of learning around here.  Although we don’t have a required curriculum or set schedule, I do try to provide lots of rich learning opportunities.  Sometimes learning happens thorough things I set up, other times, the boys figure it out all on their own. I thought it would be fun to chronicle some of the highlights each day from the school of life.  And these are my highlights, if the boys were writing, they may pick totally different things! 😀

Usborne book shipment

5/19 Tuesday

We spent a lot of today looking at the fantastic shipment of books we got in for the year! 🙂  Samuel has been enjoying reading about Mummies and Pyramids and Emergency Services. Timothy has been having fun with his truck sticker book and reading Busy Trucks on the Go.  One of the characters looks like a friend of ours, so he has named them Silly Mark and Alex. It has been a reading kind of day – which means lots of learning!

DSC075725/20 Wednesday

DSC07574This morning for worship, we were reading about the Isrealite’s escape from Egypt.  As Samuel is interested in Africa, and we have been reading about Mummies and Pyramids in Egypt, we took a few minutes to look up Egypt in our atlas and found the Red Sea, the Nile River and even where mount Sinai was.

As we were driving to see Daddy’s new office, we saw lots of construction vehicles working on a road nearby.  Samuel quickly noticed the hydraulics system on the diggers and was talking about how they work.  He learned this when we were reading one of his new books yesterday.  It was cool to see things clicking for him. 🙂

Amma (Grandma) visited today, and Samuel found her Snap-n-Learn Number Bugs in the car and wanted to play with them. We had fun doing some basic addition by putting together different colored bodies and finding the right number for the head. It was a lot of fun. 🙂

5/21 Thursday

Samuel made a “whisper machine”.  He taped a bunch of toilet paper tubes together.  He discovered that if he held it up to someone’s ear, he only had to whisper very softly for them to hear what he was saying.  We talked about how sound travels and what makes the whisper machine work.

5/22 Friday

Anna HibiscusWe started reading Anna Hibiscus, about a little girl who lives in Africa. “Amazing Africa.” We talked about family structures and how Anna lives with so many people in her house.  We talked about all Samuel’s aunties and uncles. When we were done reading the first chapter, we tried to figure out where Anna Hibiscus might live.  Because the author is from Nigeria, we guessed there.  We looked it up on a map and saw where it was compared to Egypt.  We read a lot of things in our atlas about that area in Africa.

Samuel decided he wants to write letters to someone in Africa – preferably Anna Hibiscus, but if she can’t do it, someone else his age would work just fine. 😉 We wrote the first letter and he’s eager to get it off in the mail (I happen to know lots of missionaries that might know a family or two we can write to).  Then we looked at Australia in the atlas – he thought that was pretty cool too!

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