Taj Mahal

Photo by Subhadip Mukherjee

Photo by Subhadip Mukherjee

When Samuel expressed his interest in learning more about the Taj Mahal, I immediately imagined the captivating story and accompanying activities I would write for him. Then, I came back to reality.  The only thing I knew about the beautiful structure was it’s name and that it stands in India. Not much to go on for a thrilling tale. After realizing the hours it would take to research and write for such a venture, I settled for compiling information from other sources.  Here are some of the best resources I have bumped into about the Taj Mahal.  If you are using the Early Explorers program by Little Passports, or are investigating the Taj for any reason, you may find some of these links and ideas helpful.  Are there any other fun ideas or resources you and your kids have enjoyed about this captivating palace? Please share them in the comments.  I would love to add more to this list!

Start here if you, like me, know nothing about the Taj Mahal.  A little dense for the youngest learners, this a great place for parents or older kids (8 and up) to brush up on your Taj history. It also has great pictures for all ages.

My favorite intro story to the Taj Mahal from PBS – This is well written and leaves out unnecessary violence – great for younger learners.

Tour the Taj Mahal with Google 360 degree street view map.

Taj Mahal Photo Gallery.

Guided tour of the Taj Majal
Engineering the Taj Mahal 
Basic Introduction and Fun Facts – this video requires reading, but is fun. 🙂

Taj Mahal Coloring Pages
Cut out, color and build a paper model

Continued Learning
Here are some other ideas of things you might explore to expand the learning experience across subjects.
Gems used in construction
Learn more about working Elephants



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