The Rearview Mirror: June 2014


Samuel took this photo of Arlen in his running gear.

June in our home has been a time of transition. While we aren’t 100% sure what all the details and outcomes will be, we are content and eager to see what God has in store.

At the beginning of the month, Arlen was building his current business, which is completely portable. We were seriously looking into moving just outside of Boise, Idaho. We really want to have a place with more land by the time Samuel is five, and for so many reasons, Idaho seems like a great fit for us. Yet, it seems God has different plans. Unexpectedly, an amazing business partnership opportunity came up for Arlen. We truly see God’s hand in this change of events and we are all eager for what is in store, but it has certainly been a mental adjustment for us as we move our property search back to the area instead of far away in Idaho.

Arlen has also joined his dad and siblings in the wonderful world of running. He is training to run a half marathon with them in October. So far, he is up to five miles at a pace of 9 min 15 second per mile. He typically takes one or both of the boys with him in the stroller when he runs.  We are all cheering him on and are eager to see how he does in October.

I was excited to finally start physical therapy this month. I’m bummed about all my current restrictions as I give my muscles a chance to heal, but I’m excited! I really feel that I’m with the right person to give me the care that I need. There is a light at the end of this tunnel! 🙂

Samuel has been learning more about life as a big brother. He gets frustrated when Timothy knocks down his block structures, takes his toys, or follows him around too much. What big brother wouldn’t? It has been fun to watch his patience grow as he continually sets a loving example for his little brother.They are such great friends, and I particularly enjoy watching them play together more and more as Timothy gets older.

Both boys enjoy going to the farmer’s market every week, playing in the rocks and bird baths and looking at the beautiful flowers.  This month they even got to see a goat milking demonstration.

Timothy has been working hard at popping out some teeth. Currently he has three with a bunch more on the way.  His vocabulary continues to grow with words like “tractor,” “kitty,” “truck,” and “apple sauce.” He is still all smiles and is such a laid back little boy. However, if he can’t have a toy he wants or he has to stop playing for a diaper change, we can see that he is a strong willed little tyke (certainly not a bad thing, but it will keep us on our toes). He loves to explore and seems to have a bit of the Byrd dare devil in him.

June has been good in the Byrd house and I’m eager to see the blessings God has in store for July.


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