Yesterday I was looking back over blog posts and YouTube videos and I miss it. I miss the community and the conversations, but most of all, I miss the memories. The reality is that without a medium to share, I’m just not taking as many pictures or videos as I used to. Between that and a lost memory card, we just don’t have a lot of Timothy’s first six months. This is quite sad to me.

It’s hard, as we go through some major changes again, to find balance in my life. There are simply more things to do in a 24 hour period than there is time for. It’s all good and “important” though, so it’s hard to decide what to put on hold and what to persue. What’s even more of a challenge is that I will be joining my husband as he moves to re-starting his business and working from home. This time I’m joining him as marketing content writer and social media manager. I think it will be a LOT of fun and overall it will give us more time together as a family, but it will be a HUGE adjustment for me.

The next few months will be interesting and I guess we will see what will unfold.


One thought on “Transitions

  1. I am the same way, sadly. If I am not posting pictures on a blog or Facebook or making videos on YouTube than I am not taking any pictures or video. 😦 I have missed so many of Jamison’s firsts and a lot of Julian from age 2-3. It makes me so sad!!

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