Daily Preschool Worship: Evening Edition

People often ask me what to do for family worship with little ones. My first response is that it totally depends on the child, and on family dynamics. I am always happy, however, to share what we are doing at home.

Currently, we have worship in the morning at the breakfast table (more on that later) and in the evening before bed. For our evening worship, we pray, read and sing together. We had been using the My Bible Friends set for our evening worship time, but they have become so familiar to Samuel that he has a hard time staying focused. We decided to put them on the shelf for a time to let the redundancy wear off.

In the meantime, we have been using the Read and Share Bible by Tommy Nelson, and it has been great! I have to admit, the illustrations are a little funny (although Samuel likes them), and like most children’s Bibles there are some things that are left out, but all-in-all this is one of the most comprehensive little Bibles I’ve seen – a great introduction to so many stories.


Every two-page spread is one section. It has a title, scriptural references, pictures, the story, and a question you can ask and discuss. If your child has a really short attention span, you can read one section a day. Samuel likes longer stories, so we generally read a whole story ( like Noah’s ark) at once. The flexibility here is great though. So far there has only been one thing we have had to explain as the children’s rendering was a little funny.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a great family worship tool for a preschooler or even a toddler, I highly recommend the Read and Share Bible.

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