Preschool Nature Learning


“Mama, come play with me!

It was the simple plea of a boy delighted to find a pile of leaves on our morning walk. He crunched it with his feet. He sat right down in the middle and buried his legs under the colorful pile. He found a treasure.

I am discovering more and more how important exploration and play is for these early learners. Apparently research is revealing the same. Just this week I was reading about studies in the UK. Early learners (up to 7 years old) who were in a play based environment did better academically long term than learners in a more structured and rigid environment.

As I shared before, the outside world is still a mystery to me, but one I feel is key in these early years of education. Just as I did with the toddler alphabet, I hope to share our “lesson plans” along the way. This time, I will blog about them after they have been completed, and one activity at a time (as the “curriculum” is quite child-led).

I will also share more details from the other homeschooling elements I mentioned. I’m so excited to be back and writing again. Please do join us for the ride!



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