Final Answer (for Now Anyway)


After months of looking and agonizing over the many curriculums out there, I finally decided what I want to do and how I want to focus on education with Samuel right now. I am so excited!

I’m sure you are eager to hear if I went with Sonlight, My Father’s World, ABC Jesus Loves Me, or . . .  Actually, I decided I’m not going to use any pre-made curriculum.  Big shocker, right? So many of these curriculums look great, but they are just not the right fit for our family.

Our homeschool will be made up of a few simple things.

1) Our calendar – I have a dry erase calendar in the kitchen.  Each day Samuel and I go to see what day it is, mark off the day we just completed, and look at our prayer calendar to see who we are praying for on that particular day.  We don’t do this every day, but we try to do it most days. It helps Samuel know what to expect and helps him learn how to pray for others.

2) Toys, games and books – These are not special toys, games or books, but ones Samuel already has.  Occasionally I might print something off for him online, but we try to maximize learning with things we already play.  For example, we learn colors when we are building with Duplos together, counting when we play games, etc. Here is a video of our current set up.

3) Worksheet box – Samuel loves to do worksheets from time to time, but I don’t want to push him.  I have a little box on his bookshelf that has a few worksheets or sometimes a workbook.  We do this together as we have time.  As of this writing, he has the Kuman My Book of Easy Mazes in his box.

4) Our Backyard – This is the big one. There is so much to explore in our own backyard – so much to learn.  It is the best classroom I could have imagined.  We can learn about plants and animals, how to attract them, and identification.  We can plant things and have so many sensory experiences. We can learn how to count, measure and follow directions. We can imagine and play.  I am a newbie at all of this and can’t tell an oak tree from a maple.  But that’s OK, I can  learn with Samuel.  How cool is that?

I purchased just a few books to help me out and give me a starting place.  We already identified the tree in our front yard. We had to do some matching with leaves and seeds, discussed the texture of the bark, and talked about maybe learning how maple syrup is made (extended learning opportunities 😉 ).  Yes, Samuel is proud to announce to everyone that we have a maple tree. 🙂

I am excited about this approach and all of the things we can learn.  The possibilities are endless, and it seems like a perfect fit for our family!


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