Letting Go For Now

I’ve been wanting to write a curriculum forever. It’s been kind of my dream. As I’m doing educational activities with Samuel, I’ve thought it would make sense to write a curriculum as I go. Yet, I’m finding it to be much harder than I thought – especially at this age.

I think it is especially important for kids in the early years to be free to play and explore on their own. That means following their interests and things that happen every day in their world and exploring them together. How do you turn that into a curriculum?

The best I can come up with is providing units and activities for anything that might strike a child’s fancy. If he is excited about cats, learn about them. If she caught a pet frog, care for it together.

Writings will always be whirling in the back of my mind. I think for now, I’ll let Samuel be my guide and take note of the things he’s discovering. Maybe over time, I’ll have enough to share.


One thought on “Letting Go For Now

  1. Totally agree with your idea. The most important piece to teaching kids in this day and and age is thinking critically for themselves. Finding their own answers and making discoveries is crucial.With the way you are teaching, he will learn these invaluable lessons. kuddos to you.

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