Flipping the Church Service

I found this video a while back about “flipping” the classroom. The basic premise is that rather than lecturing for class and then having students apply things on their own (often when there are the most questions and interaction), they watch the lecture on their own and come to class ready to apply what they have learned.

I love this idea! It makes so much sense to me. Today I was thinking, in today’s technological era, could this apply to church? It seems so sad that we come together with so many people on Sabbath morning, but get little deep heart, true interaction as we sit quietly through Sabbath School and church. Sure we may be able to share prayer requests during that short segment of Sabbath School, but it’s hard to truly take advantage of the fact that we are together with so many others who desire to worship and honor God.

What if we took time during the week to listen to/watch a sermon, thinking about questions, thoughts and applications to share as we join together on Sabbath. What if we truly take advantage of the fact that we are all together?

What do you think of “flipping” the church service? What would it look like? How would it accommodate various ages and life stages? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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