Pick the Fruit

I was talking to Samuel about the garden. He didn’t want me to pick the peppers because he wants the plant to keep growing. I explained to him that picking the peppers makes more grow. If we don’t pick them, the plant will stop producing, then die.

We talked about how the same is true in our spiritual lives. If we don’t share blessing, gifts and spiritual joy with others, our joy will eventually die; but the more we share, the more those things will grow.

This is hard for me as a mama of a toddler and a newborn. I am so overwhelmed, how do I share? Where do I find the time? The energy? The answer is simple – start at home. Share smiles, laughter and joy with my kids. Tell them and my husband what God is teaching me and the prayers He is answering.

Of course, if God gives me other opportunities to share, I should take them, but just like our little family garden was planted primarily to produce food for our little family; so, at this time in my life, my spiritual fruit may mostly provide spiritual nourishment for our family. And that is just what the Gardener intended for now.

How do you share your spiritual fruit at home?


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