Breastfeeding Chronicles: Night Pumping and Support Group

Nighttime pumping is continuing to go well. Timothy is certainly nursing more during the day (about every 2-3 hours instead of 3-4). However, he is also stretching out a lot at night. Last night he nursed at 5:00, then slept through his typical 7:00ish feeding and didn’t wake to eat until just before 1:00am wow! He then slept until about 4:30 am and finally woke up at about 7:30 am. That means he only needed two bottles.

We have a good system worked out. Arlen feeds Timothy while I
pump. If Timothy is not already back asleep when I’m done pumping and have everything all washed up, I rock him skin-to-skin. It’s so nice.

Today I went to a breastfeeding support group, hoping to get more help with Timothy’s latch. The lactation consultant said his latch looked good, but when Timothy was done nursing my nipple was in bad shape. She is stumped and doesn’t know why that would happen. That was the problem I had with Samuel, no one knew what was wrong. She did have one suggestion to help with the pain though.

At night, when Timothy is not nursing, I will use some antibiotic ointment on my nipples. That way if there is any kind of infection or dermatitis, it can have an opportunity to heal up. I feel like it is certainly worth a try!

On another note, we have a sick little boy in the house too. This morning Samuel slept late and Arlen woke him up. We didn’t think much of it. This afternoon I finally woke him from his nap at 4:00. He complained of being cold and his stomach hurting. Sure enough he has a fever. He just wants to be cozy on the couch with lots of blankets. Or cry and be held. Poor little guy!


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