Breastfeeding Chronicles: The Pumping Plunge


Breastfeeding this time around has been so hard. Timothy had a severe upper lip tie that made it nearly impossible for him to get a proper latch. That means for the past seven weeks I have been severely blistered. I have been in so much pain that is hurts to hold my baby on my chest, I can’t hug my husband, and I cringe when my toddler just wants to snuggle.

On Wednesday we made the five hour trip (normally three hours, but you try with a newborn who hates his car seat, no a/c and an overtired toddler) to Vanderbilt to have Timothy’s lip tie revised (clipped). The procedure went well, but, while he is healing, his latch certainly is far from pain-free.

I finally reached the point where the pain is too much to bare. Last night I started pumping and bottle feeding during the night. This is when Timothy’s latch is the worst and the most damage is done. It also gives me 12+ hours to heal. I plan to do this just until we are both fully healed.

Oh my goodness!! I felt so much better this morning! No where near fully healed, but a HUGE improvement! I have to admit though, I really miss all of the nursing cuddles. This morning Arlen was joking that I was more eager to nurse Timothy than he was to eat.

I was very sad to give Timothy his first bottle tonight. I really wanted to spend that time nursing him. I almost did too, but I was reminded that the reason for doing this is so that I can heal so we can nurse more of the time long-term. I don’t like it, but it’s true.

I’m interested to see how things go, but I’m more determined than ever to do everything in my power to make this work!


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