Let the Preschool Begin

It’s that time again.  As Samuel is becoming more interested in doing structured activities with Mommy and my current, very pregnant, still very stuck to the couch pregnancy condition, it’s time for me to start planning more activities for Samuel.

It is still super important to me that this “homeschooling” be very child-led.  I don’t want to frustrate him, push him, or rush him out of these early care-free childhood days too early. Because of these things, on top of the fact that I’m going to have a baby soon, I have a few goals I want to keep in mind.  I thought I would share them with you here.

  1. Structure – Basically, I plan on doing things as I did before.  I want to plan activities on a theme.  I will introduce these activities to Samuel one-at-a-time and give him the freedom to explore them more on his own.  Some days we may not need an activity (or mommy may be too sick to do the planned activity), and that’s O.K.  It’s all about low-key learning.
  2. Budget – I don’t want this to be an expensive endeavor at this time. I will try to keep costs as low as possible.  I’m not setting an amount ahead of time because then I will feel inclined to use that full amount each month. I will simply try to be creative and cut costs as much as possible.
  3. Diversity – I think some of the “curriculum” will simply fit into the flow of every day life – I will just need to be more intentional.  The areas I want to be sure to include are
    1. Music – Samuel LOVES music.  We listen to music every day.  I think I am going to choose a time – maybe during/after lunch to play and explore music.  I’m thinking of having a musical theme for every day.  Maybe classical, learning songs, scripture memory songs, etc.
    2. Alphabet – I would like to have a different alphabet activity for each theme.  I don’t want to push too hard on this for a boy Samuel’s age, but I do think it would be fun.  He really loves hide-and-seek right now.  I may cut out a big letter to go with each theme and hide it every day to see if he can find it – I’ll have fun getting creative. 🙂
    3. Scripture memory – I want to pick up working on scripture memory and scripture songs more regularly.  This is great to work on a meal times.

Overall things are very similar to what I’ve done in the past, I’m eager to see how it goes.  I plan to tweak and change things many times along the way as I try to follow Samuel’s lead, work within my medical constraints and adjust to a new addition to the home in less than two months.


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