Let the 2013 Garden Begin!

Hooray! Today Samuel and I planted our first seeds. I decided I am going to try to keep up with the things I do this year so I can learn from my triumphs and failures.

We planted 18 heirloom Arkansas Traveler tomatoes from Seeds of Change and 18 heirloom Jimmy Nardello Sweet Peppers from Sustainable Seed Company.

This year I am moving back to Jiffy pellets and mini greenhouses for germination. When I use pots and start in the big greenhouse this early, I end up wasting a lot of money on soil and seeds due to a low germination rate. For the peppers and tomatoes I’m using a tomato greenhouse with 36 large plugs. Samuel and I put 2-3 seeds in each plug (some may have more with tiny toddler hands helping out). I have the tray sitting in a windowsill on a heating mat.

I think I put in a little too much water, but the tray is nice and steamy and I’ll keep a closer eye on the moisture level.

I hope to see some little sprouts in the next week or two. I especially can’t wait to see what Samuel thinks!


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