Toddler Alphabet – Letter F: Round 2

Letter: F

Memory Passage: Ephesians 6:10-17

Bible Story: Loaves and fishes.  We will tell the story and put fish and loaves in a basket (paper). Here is the template I used.

Sensory Bin: I am going to try doing sensory bins again, however I think I’m going to make them outdoor bins.  We’ll see how it goes.

This week the base of the sensory bin will be flour.  I will add other things that start with F like a fork and a funnel.  We’ll see what else ends up in there.

Monday – “Pick” fruit on an orchard hunt.

Tuesday – Grow a flower. Plant a seed and begin watering it daily. (Samuel will get to use his spray bottle to water it.  He LOVES spraying things!)

Wednesday – Make/play with the sensory bin.

Thursday – Find Frogs. We will go on a hunt to look for frogs.  We may even try to catch and grow a tadpole. 🙂

Friday – Felt button snake

Sunday – Paint pictures of fruit with scented Fruity Finger paint while listening to this Fruit of the Spirit song.

Monday – Bathtub fishing for alphabet fish.  I wanted to do this last week when we studied A (alphabet), but we didn’t get around to it.  This week I want to do alphabet fishing in the bathtub.

Tuesday – Hike in the forest. That’s right, we might even go . . . off the trials! O_0

Wednesday – Play with items in the water to see if they sink or float.

Thursday – Go to a local nursery and look at flowers.

Friday – Look at a book with pictures of Family.

Sunday – Spray Painting.  Ok, so this has NOTHING to do with the letter F, but I found this idea, and Samuel would just love it, so I couldn’t resist.

More letter F activities.


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