Setting Priorities: My Personal Mission Statement June 2012

You mean I can’t be everything to everyone all the time? So, how do I decide what’s important? Where do I invest my time? What things do I let go? After prayerfully considering these questions I have come up with a personal mission statement.  I am excited to read it every morning to remind me where my focus should be.

I am a daughter of God. My relationship with Him is the most important thing in my life. I was created to love and serve Him and can do nothing apart from Him. I will rise early each day to seek Him in prayer, to praise Him and to surrender all to Him. I will strive to fill each day with singing, constant prayer and the truth of His word, that I may come to know Him more and allow Him to work in and change me.

I am a wife. I have made a loving and life-long commitment to Arlen. I was created to be his helper and companion. Through God’s strength I will come along side him to encourage and support him. I will pray for him daily. I will make time for him amidst the chaos of life, and will encourage and support him as he seeks to grow in Christ. I look forward to the joy we will share as we live life together.

I am a mother. Samuel is my son and a precious gift from God. It is my duty to use the tools, resources and gifts God has given me as a means to provide for his needs. Each morning I will surrender this precious little boy to my Heavenly Father and seek His wisdom as I teach and direct Samuel’s heart toward Heaven, preparing him for a life of service. As I work and play along side of Samuel I hope to instill in him a love for God, His world, and His people.

I am an individual. I was created by God as a unique being. God loves me very much just the way I am and I must remember to take care of my body, His temple, and my mind and heart which are His dwelling places. I will make sleep and exercise priorities. I will also make time to develop the natural skills and abilities He has given me as tools to please and honor Him.

I am a homemaker. It is my joy to create a home where the Holy Spirit dwells. It is a haven a haven where christ can be glorified and both family and strangers may find rest and comfort. Through a tidy and peaceful atmosphere, a joyful heart and the blessings of god, body and soul will be nurtured here. Each morning I will commit my service in this house, our physical gifts, and all that I possess to God.  look forward to opportunities god affords to extend this spirit and these blessings to any He places in my path.


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