Only One Chore

Photo by Rissmu

Let’s face it, sometimes things are busy.  As a mom, sometimes things get down right crazy.  I don’t always have time to complete my daily chores, let alone weekly tasks.  That’s when I vacuum.

If I could do one chore and, only one each day it would be vacuuming because I have to tidy to do it. It’s a quick way to make the house feel much cleaner!

What about you.  What one chore do you really try to get done every day?


4 thoughts on “Only One Chore

  1. Cleaning the kitchen makes all the difference to me! We are in the kitchen so much, that if the kitchen isn’t clean, I am crazy. It is where the kids color, do school, I sit in the sunroom area to read, write, etc. And, I am at my breakfast bar typing on the computer, right now! I have to have a clean kitchen. And, I don’t take out the big vacuum every day. But, I bought myself a little Electrolux stick vac, and that thing has changed the way I do things!! I can get the cat litter that spilled, dog food, crumbs in the kitchen, and it even does a good, quick clean up under the chairs and table. I don’t have to think about it…it is always out and ready, so it takes 1 minute. No excuse then.

    • It’s great that you use your kitchen for so much. It sounds like the kitchen really is the heart of your house!

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