Toddler Alphabet – Letter A: Round 2

Photo by Unvrs

Letter: A

Memory Passage: Psalm 95

Bible Story: Creation with a focus on Animals.  We can sing the song: “Animals, Animals, Jesus made the animals. Great big animals, little tiny animals – here is an animal that I know”

Toys: I have GREATLY reduced the number of toys Samuel has out.  There were just too many.  I still feel like he has too many, but I’m going to keep working to whittle them down. I will make sure he has his Animal Sounds Puzzle.

I am not one for electronic toys, but I found a really neat animal sounds app for my iphone that has photographs of the animal and the sound it makes.  We might pull this out every once in a while too.

MondayAnt hunt.  We will look at ants with Samuel’s magnifying glass. We will also look at an ant book I made for Samuel.

I can’t share the images with you because I do not have copyright permission, but here is a PDF link to the words. You can do a quick google search to add your own pictures (or if your toddler is old enough, let him/her draw the pictures.) Print front and back, short edged binding and fold in half.

Tuesday Artist’s Tub

WednesdayAlphabet fishing.  I would like to make a set like this, but if I don’t get around to it, the letters for the fridge phonics are magnetic (of course). We will put them in a container and have fun fishing for the letters. Or, if it’s hot and a nice day to go outside, we might try this version.

ThursdayMake the Alphabet out of clay using this recipe.

Friday – Apple Printing:  more Apple activities

SundayAnimal Safari go outside and see how many animals we can find.  I’ll take pictures of as many as I can, and print them out so Samuel can look at them later.

MondayAnimal Hunt: Place stuffed animals all around the room and sing “Shall We Go for a Walk Today? Shall we go for a walk today and see what God has given?” and hunt for all the animals.  Do it a second time, walking over pillows and “hills.” We can try running and crawling, jumping and hoping.  (We can even do this outside.)

TuesdayPlay with Aurora (Samuel’s cousin)

Wednesday – Alphabet Hunt – using the letters we made out of clay

ThursdayGo to the Zoo to see animals

Friday – Make Animals out of clay. (We will use the same recipe from above. We have lots of animal cookie cutters and can use those.)

Sunday – Alphabet Stones

As you can see, I’ve added Sunday to the schedule.  I don’t always plan to do an activity with Samuel on Sunday, but there are many times I wish I had something planned, so I’m planning something. 🙂

More letter A activities.


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