Learning Tower Giveaway Winner

Wow! This has been such a fun giveaway, but oh, so hard! We wish we had 100 Learning Towers to giveaway!  After looking over all of the comments, we narrowed them down to 13.  (We tried to narrow it down to 10, but it was just too hard.)  After randomly assigning numbers to those 13 comments (we drew numbers out of a hat), we used random.org to find our winner.

The winner is:

Amber Rosato May 18, 2012 at 8:55 pm | ReplyEdit

This product is simply amazing. I have twin 2 year old girls. They absolutely love to watch my husband and I in the kitchen. One of my girls has a sensory disorder and speech delay. Its so important for her to get her hands “dirty” and for us to talk talk talk to her about what we are doing. She has such an interest in cooking. She is terrified to stand on a chair (which is so unsafe anyway). I find myself juggling. I pick her up to see, her sister screams, I put her down, she screams, I pick her sister up to see…all this while trying to cook ;) . I was recently laid off which was a blessing in disguise because my daughter started all her therapies and its so important for me to be there right with her through it all. I know her therapists would also find this as such an asset to her therapy! With this change comes challenges as well because our income was cut in half. We could never afford to buy this for her. I would buy my girls the moon if I could ;) . My girl would love any color as long as she gets to be involved in the kitchen (maybe she will be a chef some day!), sensory activities, speech therapy etc. Thank you so much for this opportunity! God Bless.

Amber, we are so excited to send you a learning tower for you and  your little girls!! May this truly be a blessing to you as you face the challenges and many joys that lie ahead. Please send me an e-mail asap so we can get this tower to you.

But Wait!

We had a second giveaway!  There was a tie for the Playful Chef set (based on sharing this giveaway), so we decided to give each of them the Playful Chef baking set.

The winners are:

Baley | May 14, 2012 at 9:21 am | ReplyEdit

Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! I really want the learning tower for my toddler. She loves to be in the kitchen, but she always wants to be up high, and it’s nearly impossible to hold an inquisitive toddler in one arm while trying to cook. This would be a wonderful tool for her! I would choose the soft white because it would match our cabinets. :)I’ll definitely be sharing this giveaway for chances to win the apron and cooking set, too. We’ll get a lot of use out of it, as Eleanor is only just now old enough to start using it (so it should last us a good 5 years, at least!). It will be hand for getting her up high enough to wash her hands and maybe learn how to rinse dishes.

Crysta | May 13, 2012 at 11:44 pm | ReplyEdit


Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! I first learned about The Learning Tower through YouTube. I think it is an amazing invention! I too feel passionately about hands-on learning, quality time with my little one, and involving children in everyday activities. Nurturing teamwork, productivity, and independence are invaluable! Since so much of our day to day tasks take place in the kitchen, it makes so much sense to have a safe place for little ones to work along side us. Personally, winning the giveaway would be a huge blessing! I am in the process of making many life changes including diet. Due to learning more about the Biblical dietary laws, trying to heal my body from PCOS, making homemade baby food, and learning I have several food sensitivities and allergies… I find myself in the Kitchen cooking from scratch these days. It’s getting harder now with a mobile little one who constantly wants to be my little helper and climb up my legs as I work. I would love to be able to include her more and I think the learning tower is just what I need! Again thank you so much for the opportunity and considering my entry into the giveaway. I pray whoever wins will put the learning tower to good use and PAY IT FORWARD. Blessings, Crysta

PS. I will blog about your giveaway and post a link tomorrow. I do plan on making a video as well although I dont have too many subscribers yet.

Again, thank you so much to all who entered.  We hope this giveaway has inspired you to consider more ways that you can spend one-on-one time with your child in the kitchen, and that many of you will be able to save a little here and there to purchase your own learning tower.


3 thoughts on “Learning Tower Giveaway Winner

  1. Im beyond excited!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! My girl is going to love it! We had such a rough therapy day and I so needed to read this :). God is so good!!

  2. Laura, this giveaway was so great! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tools to help get kids in the kitchen! I’m glad Amber won the Learning Tower; it sounds like it will really be a help for her and her twin girls!! Thanks again.

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