Learning in Everyday Life: Seat Belts


Samuel loves to sit in the car and play. He likes to pretend he’s driving, and has lots of fun turning all the switches and knobs. Lately, he has been asking us to “buckle” before he starts the excursion. Today, he noticed my seat belt made a satisfying “click” when I fastened it. He was eager to see what that was all about.

He spent the next 25 minutes working hard to perfect his ability to buckle and unbuckle the middle seat belt. He would take a break to turn a nob here or lock a door here, but he would always come back to the seat belt.

This is such a wonderful learning activity that Samuel came up with all on his own. It doesn’t cost any money and, with the windows rolled down, we were able to get some fresh air and listen to (and even watch a few) birds. It was completely unplanned. I will try to give Samuel a few more times to work on his “clicking” skills over the next few days.

What are some things you’ve seen your toddler catch on to and work to master all by him/herself?



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