Toddler Alphabet – Letter S: Round 2

Photo from Dawn Fine at Dawn’s Bloggy Blog

Letter: S

Memory Passage: Psalm 23

Bible Story: Samuel – Read the story “Happy Hannah” and sing a song about Samuel.

Shape: Triangle | Number: 4 |Color: Blue
We won’t have focused learning time for colors, shapes and numbers, but I will make signs of these and go out of my way to point them out as we see them day-to-day.

Toys: Stick counting, shape sorter, toys Samuel hasn’t seen in a while.

Sensory Tub Theme: We are keeping out the Marble Works instead of having a sensory tub.

Monday – Play with the sticker book. Samuel has a sticker book that he LOVES.

Tuesday – Spin Art.  This will be oodles of fun! I got this idea from Juggling With Kids.

Wednesday –  Play in the sand at the park.

Thursday – Stick Play.  We will go outside with a big bag and gather sticks.  We may play with them while we are out, or we may wait until we get home. I wonder what all we will do with our sticks. 🙂

Friday – Stick Counting. I will leave this activity out for him to play with, and will probably only go up to number five. Samuel has been really trying to count and we can use the sticks from Thursday. 🙂

Monday – Make and play with Sponge Balls.

Tuesday – Shape Hop – Samuel loves running around and jumping.  I will put some masking tape shapes on the floor and we will play in them.  I’m not sure how it will work, but we may hide on the circle or find as many squares as we can to put in the square.

Wednesday – Stone Splashing – OK, so we do this a lot already, but Samuel LOVES splashing stones in a nearby creek. 🙂

Thursday – Go to the park and play on the slide.

Friday – Read lots of stories and sing lots of songs!

More letter S activities.


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