Toddler Alphabet – Letter M: Round 2

Photo by bjearwicke

Letter: M

Memory Passage: Psalm 30

Bible Story: Baby Moses – Tell the story of baby Moses with felts.  One of my good friends lives with us and she knows a great song about Baby Moses in Spanish.  I will try to learn it with Samuel and we can sing it as we tell the story with felts.

Shape: Square | Number: 4 |Color: Green

We won’t have focused learning time for colors, shapes and numbers, but I will make signs of these and go out of my way to point them out as we see them day-to-day.

Toys: Marble track, money and piggy bank, magnifying glass, mittens (samuel loves to take these on and off, moon

Monday – Nature Match. Go on a hike and gather things and match them together.  We can match colors on colored paper plates when we get home or, we can match like things (i.e. stones, leaves, flowers, etc.)

Tuesday – Color with markers.

Wednesday –  Measuring walk. Take the measuring tape with us on a hike and let Samuel measure anything he finds. (He really likes playing with the measuring tape, but everything is “40 . . .50.” I’m not sure what unit he’s using, but it’s awful cute (click for video of Samuel measuring).

Thursday – Build a marble track. (Of course, all use of marbles will be supervised, although Samuel is REALLY good about not putting things in his mouth).

Friday – Sing and dance to music. We will play some instruments too.

Monday – Mix water and dirt and make mud pies.

Tuesday – Marshmallow paintings. Check out how here.

Wednesday – Magnifying glass hunt.  Here’s a fun chance to see so many things in a new way. 🙂 Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can go outside, but we could have fun with this inside too.

Thursday – Put money in the piggy bank.  This will be a great fine motor activity to do with Samuel.

Friday – Play with the sensory tub from last time.

Letter M activities for younger toddlers


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