Toddler Alphabet – Letter B: Round 2

Photo by ilco

I decided I would leave the last few letters off for Samuel right now x, y and z.  They are not as prevalent of letters, and I would like to focus on letters and sounds Samuel can really work on.  This second time around, I’m adjusting things a bit to compensate for Samuel’s age and abilities.  One of the biggest changes is that . . . gasp . . .  I will not be going through the alphabet in order.  I’m going to introduce sounds that are easier to make and that he makes well and slowly go through other sounds.

I am also focusing in general on a more child-led form of learning for this age.  I will likely have a letter, number, shape and color that we work on with a two-week rotation rather than a one-week rotation.

I am also going to focus more on learning larger chunks of scripture along with Samuel.  We will still enjoy and review all of the scriptures/scripture songs we’ve learned, but I think learning things in context and starting young is so valuable.

I do have activities planned out for certain days, but I by no means feel I have to stick to those days.  I switch things around based on weather, other things that might be happening that day and so-0n.

I am transitioning out the mystery box, but am excited to see how things unfold. 🙂

Letter: B

Memory Passage: Psalm 1

Bible Story: Noah and the BIG Boat – Sing/read the story of Noah’s ark together during worship at breakfast or first thing during our learning time. I can let Samuel hammer on a toy boat while we sing and look at pictures.

Shape: Circle | Number: 3 |Color: Brown
We won’t have focused learning time for colors, shapes and numbers, but I will make signs of these and go out of my way to point them out as we see them day-to-day.

Toys: basket of balls, blocks, bug puzzle, color sorting game, coloring pages with the letter B, bird flashcards, bird beginner tangrams, bead maze

Sensory Tub Theme: Circles

Monday – Go to the library to check out books about birds, bugs and butterflies.  While we are out, play at the park some and maybe read some of the books when we get home.

Tuesday – Play with balls.  We can roll balls around inside, throw a ball outside, or play T-ball with ball and bat in the yard.  Samuel can lead, but we will focus on playing with balls.

Wednesday –  All about Birds – Read some bird books from the library, make bird feeders and go outside to watch for birds.  I will put bird flashcards out with Samuel’s toys for him to look at.

Thursday – Make a Cheerio bird feeder by stringing cheerios on a string and hanging it outside.  This is a great fine motor activity that I may leave out for Samuel to play with. Spend more time reading about and watching birds.

Friday – Build with blocks (either outside or inside)

Monday – Spend extra time playing with the sensory tub today.

Tuesday – Read bug books outside and look for bugs. Catch some in a bug jar to watch.

Wednesday – Play with bug puzzle and crawl around like bugs

Thursday – Blow Bubbles

Friday – Water play with boats

More letter B activities for younger toddlers and babies


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