The Most Important Thing for Raising Children with a Biblical Worldview

Child Reading Bible

Lately I have been reading a lot of posts with tips for raising children with a Biblical worldview. They mostly mention reading the Bible together, going to church, etc. One or two of the posts have included some really neat traditions. I have to admit, however, that over all I have been disappointed in what I have read.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are all good, and even necessary (i.e. you cant have a Biblical Worldview if you don’t read and know your Bible) but the most important thing seems to be missing.  You can be doing all the right things and checking off all the right lists, but if God is not living in your heart, if you haven’t surrendered to him fully, the most important things can’t happen.  You must model in your own life how to live out a Biblical worldview.

The only true example of living out such a worldview is Christ. At Gethsemone we see Jesus fully surrendering to the will of his Father. In John, Jesus describes the importance of being connected to Him as the branches are connected to the vine.  We see Him ever seeking to follow in his Father’s path.

Following such an example is the only way we can truly teach our children a Biblical worldview. We can read the Bible, we can go to church, we can give them classes, but these things alone can never give our children a true understanding of His love.

I long for my home to have an atmosphere that continually points to Christ, that challenges me to measure everything by the Bible and to depend on God to work through me to live out what it says. I am always so tempted to make schedules that include worships and prayer and Bible study, but these easily become my weakness as I slowly take over the wheel and try to build a spiritual foundation based on my own work and effort. A house on such a foundation will never stand.

So, what is the number one necessary ingredient for raising children with a Biblical world view? Surrendering to God moment-by-moment, asking Him to work through you that you may be a living example of seeing the world through a Biblical perspective.

What do you think? What is key to raising children with a Biblical worldview? Do you ever find that lists and tasks sometimes get in the way of focusing on the most important things?


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