Yearly Menu Planning

I am so happy to finally be getting back to a yearly/seasonal menu play.  Menu planning this way not only saves me a lot of time and money, but it simplifies my shopping as well.

I had been working with a menu plan for a little over a year and was familiar with the routines and recipes.  Then, we discovered Samuel’s food allergies, which caused quite a challenge as we both had to change our diets, I had to learn to cook in all new ways, and my yearly menu was completely thrown out the window.

Now that I’m familiar with allergy-free cooking and have a collection of Samuel-safe meals (making them mommy-safe too), I’m back at the seasonal menus again.  Here is our spring menu. (Lunches are always leftovers except for Saturday – we have big taco salads then.)

Sunday – Muffins with applesauce and fruit
Monday – Cornmeal mush with Lentil Patties and steamed greens
Tuesday – Family Night
Wednesday – Soaked Oatmeal with apples
Thursday – Crepes or pancakes with fresh fruit salad
Friday – Biscuits and Gravy with fruit salad
Saturday – Popcorn, veggies and apples (plus any leftovers)

Breakfasts (I rotate through these throughout the month)

  1. Potatoes w/ chili and green beans
  2. Mashed potatoes, peas, corn and white bean “nuggets”
  3. Pintos and sweet potatoes, squash and broccoli
  4. Boiled potatoes, gravy, brussels sprouts and cabbage salad


  1. Potato Stew and biscuits, green beans
  2. 15 bean soup and biscuits, green beans
  3. split pea soup, cornbread, brussels sprouts
  4. Vegetable pasta tomato soup with biscuits


  1. Pasta with Tomato Sauce, brussels sprouts and salad
  2. Pasta with pesto or salt and oil, salad
  3. Pasta with sauteed veggies, spinach and pomodoro sauce and salad
  4. Creamy pasta with Salad


  1. Mazidra
  2. Grilled Veggie wraps with corn, rice, beans, pepper, mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato, etc.
  3. Tacos (w/black bean crumble)
  4. Messy Janes


  1. Black beans and quinoa with corn, and another veggie
  2. Chili and cornbread w/ brussels sprouts and squash
  3. Zucchini lasagna ‘noodles’, veggies, quinoa, sauce and nutritional yeast
  4. Messy Janes

Saturday: Waffles or Pancakes

Sunday: Leftovers


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