Toddler Bedroom

Arlen and I have been sleeping in he guest bed this week and it looks like we might be moving Samuel to his own room. It seems we finally have all of his medical issues under control. The only thing getting between Samuel and a good night’s sleep is having Mommy and Daddy in the same room.

I have been so thrilled to be getting good sleep this week despite the fact that Samuel is teething. It’s amazing!

Now I have to figure out what to do with Samuel’s room. We will keep the guest bed there for nights when he still needs a little help, but it’s a pretty big room.

I am a huge believer that bedrooms shouldn’t be where all the action happens. Common areas like the living room and dining room are a great place for families to be together and play. At Samuel’s age his bedroom is mostly for sleeping. I don’t want too many toys in there to distract him before bed time or naps, but I do want it to be his space.

Do you have any ideas? How did you set up your toddler’s bedroom? How much non-sleeping time do you spend there? I would love to have your feedback.


One thought on “Toddler Bedroom

  1. I always played in my room when I was little. In my family, the kids went to their rooms to play. But I’m a HUGE fan of the kids playing in the common areas like the living room. I feel like it’s more oriented toward closeness in relationships not just physical space. We want his room to be where we get stuff to bring out to play with and where he can go to to be alone and relax. Your bedroom should be an oasis at any age.

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