A Creative Little Boy

I think we have a creative little 17 month old on our hands. Yesterday I was constantly amazed with the unprompted, creative, and imaginative play Samuel drummed up.

In the morning, he took me to his blocks and handed me one saying, “block.” The particular one he handed me happened to be an arch-shaped block. He then took it back and walked around the house pretending it was a telephone, “hello, hello.”

Later in the day he started accumulating things under the kitchen table. It eventually dawned on me that he was setting up a little house. He moved the chairs just right as he said “door. door.” Every time he went into or left the house, he went through his doors. One particular time he went in and said, “Shut door.” as he closed the door behind him. Then he peaked at me through the little hole in the chair (door) with a big grin on his face and said, “hide.”

We keep our colored pencils in a clear, plastic box. Samuel loves to dump the pencils out and put them in again. After emptying the entire box, Samuel examined it for a minute. He put it on his head, proudly proclaiming, “hat”. He was so excited that he could see even though it covered his face.

I can’t wait to see this little boy come alive more and more. 🙂


This is Samuel trying to use his bouncy ball as an exercise ball. 🙂


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