Menu Monday Feb 5-11

This week the menu will be similar to last week because Samuel did so well.  This menu is short because we have a lot going on starting on Friday that will call for a separate menu from Friday until the following Sunday.

Sunday – Rice Pasta with veggies
Rice, beans and salad

Monday – Stew and quinoa
Lentil bean cakes, grits, greens, fruit

Tuesday – Messy Janes on Rice, w/ Veggies
Family Night

Wednesday – Split Peas and Veggies and Rice
Oatmeal, w/apples and other fruit, bean patties

Thursday – Pintos and Sweet Potato, Squash, Salad
Breakfast yummies (Sauteed Onion, pepper, mushroom, spinach and potato; Corn Mash, Guacamole, tomato, refried kidney beans from breakfast)

Friday – Rice Pasta with Red Sauce and Veggies
Cold cereal and fruit



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