Meal Monday 1/28 — 2/4

Samuel is having more problems and we think there is a new intolerance, so we are trying to get rid of all of the gluten free flours, etc and then slowly add them in to see what might be causing the problem.  Hence no real bread products in this week’s menu.

Monday – Baked Potatos w/ Chili and Veggies
Garbanzo Patties, Veggies, Fruit

Tuesday – Messy Janes on Rice, w/ Veggies
Family Night

Wednesday – Split Peas and Veggies and Rice
Oatmeal, w/apples and other fruit

Thursday – Kidneys and Sweet Potato, Squash, Salad
Breakfast Mash (Sauteed Onion, pepper and mushroom; Corn Mash, Guacamole, Spinach, tomato, refried kidney beans from breakfast)

Friday – Rice Pasta with Red Sauce and Veggies
Biscuit and Gravy with Mushrooms and Potato

Saturday – Pancakes
Popcorn, fruit and hummus

Sunday – Leftovers and Clean up


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