Toddler Homeschool Letter S

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to lose energy when it comes to the story and letter review part of the day.  Sometimes Samuel is having so much fun playing I just don’t want to interrupt him.  Other times I wonder if I really have the energy to dance around the room with him while we sing the memory verse song.

I guess that’s part of the beauty of him being so young.  If he really is having a good time doing something else, I don’t have to do story and letter review.  However, this week I’m going to work really hard not to skip it just because I don’t feel like it.  Samuel LOVES singing the alphabet song, reading the stories and dancing around the room with instruments as we review our memory verse songs.  *Picturing his smiles and laughs during that time*  Yes, it’s totally worth it!

Letter of the week: S

Memory verse for the week: “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”  Matthew 6:33.

New Toy: I’ll switch out toys from his toy store, but I will make sure to set out his shape sorter.

Mystery Box Items (choose 5 – one for each day): stone, sponge, stamps, stickers, shapes, string, straw, ship, shoe, sticks, square, star, six, seven, saturn

Daily Story/Activity: (This is what we do to start our “learning time” each day) Tell the story Samuel, the boy priest, using pictures.

sing a couple songs, look at letter of the day. Set aside aprox. 15 mins to read as many books as Samuel wants. After doing daily activities, if Samuel needs other things to do, here are some options:

Go for a walk, blow bubbles, color in coloring book, play dough, finger paint, water play, sing “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, stack pots and pans or bowls, play with balls, finger painting, water painting, get out sensory tub

Monday – LeapFrog Fridge Phonics (each week I will put a different letter in the fridge phonics toy. I don’t usually like electronic toys, but Samuel loves putting the letter in this one and pressing the button. I’m only giving him one letter at a time right now.) We will look at the new toys set out and play with them together.

Tuesday – Gather sticks and play with them inside.

Wednesday – Play with Straws.  We can poke straws through holes cut out of a plastic lid, put a bunch of straws in a cup, stick straws in play dough to build – let our imaginations run wild! 🙂

Thursday – Spaghetti Painting

Friday – Read Stories – especially books that have lots of S’s in them or start with S – we might point to the S’s we see.


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