A Plethora of Yumminess, One Plant at a Time

I don’t know if I have shared much about my long-term plan for our home garden. Even though we have about a quarter acre, it’s pretty extensive including fruit trees (apple, pear, maybe plum and dwarf, potted citrus trees for our deck), a greenhouse, raised beds (3 3×10 an 3 4×10), berry bushes (blueberry, raspberry and black raspberry) and a strawberry patch. Even with all of this, there will be plenty of yard left for Samuel to play. 🙂

The hard part is the upfront cost of everything. Plants (trees and bushes) can get expensive, raised beds can get expensive, soil amendments can get expensive. So what’s a girl to do? A little at a time, that’s what.

This past summer we prepped two raises beds and we hope to have two more ready for spring planting. I am super excited about the greenhouse my husband got me for Christmas. It is small, and not top quality, but it’s a perfect starter while I learn more about greenhouse gardening. It’s also easy to move which is good for finding the best spot. I can’t wait to start seeds in it!

The other exciting thing is my blueberry bushes! 🙂 I have been saving up and was finally able to purchase two high bush plants (and just in time to get them in the ground).

What are your big gardening plans? What small steps can you start with now to reach your future goals?


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