Advent Calendar 2011 Week 3: O-U

The holiday season is fully underway. As such, extra time to plan such things as an elaborate Advent calendar is hard to find. That’s okay, because, as I said before, it will take a few years to get all of this together. I haven’t done as much with questions and songs, but everything else is there. 🙂

If you missed letters A-G, click here.

If you missed letters H-N, click here.


  • Letter: O – Oxen
  • Read: Room For a Little One(This story is told from the perspective of the Ox)
  • Ornament: Ox
  • Question(s):
  • Song:
  • Letter P: Presnets
  • Read: The Three Gifts of Christmas
  • Tree Ornament: Gift
  • Question(s): Do you think the princess would have been happier if she got a lot of gifts from her parents? What made the difference?
  • Songs:


  • Letter Q: Quest
  • Read: The Other Wise Man (We don’t actually have this book yet – maybe next year)
  • Tree Ornament: Wise Men
  • Question(s):
  • Song: We Three Kings


  • Letter R: Radiance
  • Read: (No book for this one yet)
  • Ornament:
  • Question(s):
  • Song:


  • Letter S: Stable, Star and Story
  • Read: The Star of Jesus
  • Ornament: Put the star on the top of the tree
  • Question(s):
  • Song:


  • Letter T: Tidings
  • Read: The Gift of the Christmas Cookie (We don’t have this book yet, and I’m not totally sure it goes with tidings, but I’m hoping. :))
  • Ornament: ?
  • Song: Go Tell it on the Mountain
  • Questions(s):


  • Letter U: Us
  • Read: (No book yet)
  • Ornament:
  • Song:
  • Question(s):

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