Advent Calendar 2011 Week 2: H-N

This week for the Advent Calendar, you will start seeing gaps in the books.  Like I said, this is our first year, so I’m not expecting to have everything.  On those days, we will probably read one of the books that we have already read, or we will stretch a book out to cover two days instead of just one. If you have any book recommendations for theses days, please share! 🙂

If you missed letters A-G, click here.


  • Letter: H – Hosts
  • Read: Read and Share Christmas Angles (We don’t have this book yet – we might have to wait until next year for it)
  • Ornament: Angel
  • Question(s):
  • Song: Angels from the Realms of Glory
  • Letter I: Inn
  • I don’t have a book for this one
  • Tree Ornament: ?
  • Question(s):
  • Songs: Take selections


  • Letter J: Jesus
  • Read: Tiny Baby Jesus This is one of my favorite Christmas books!
  • Tree Ornament: Baby Jesus
  • Question(s): Does this book make you see Jesus differently? What do you like best about Jesus?
  • Song: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly


  • Letter K: King
  • Read: What Nick & Holly Found in Grandpa’s Attic
  • Ornament: For now, we will just use a crown.  As Samuel get’s older, we will make the different ornaments in the book and take turns reading the verses that go along with them.
  • Question(s): Which picture of Jesus do you like best? Why?
  • Song: Now is Born the Divine Christ Child


  • Letter L: Lullaby
  • Read: Mary’s Treasure Box This book is not about lullabies per se, but we will focus on Mary and the lullabies she sang
  • Ornament: Mary
  • Question(s): If you were going to sing a lullaby to Jesus, what would you sing? What do you think it was like for Mary to know she was the mother of Jesus?  How can you relate to Mary?
  • Song: Coventry Carol


  • Letter M: Manger
  • Read: Away in a Manger (We don’t actually have this book yet, and may have to wait until next year to get it, but it looks beautiful.)
  • Ornament: Manger (use the one from here)
  • Song: Away in a Manger
  • Questions(s):



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