Menu Plan 12/28-1/08

Yes, I realize that the dates above are more than one week’s worth of menus.  I am going to start doing my grocery shopping on Thursday instead of Monday, and I want to make sure to be a little ahead with my plan; so this week is a big one. 😉

Monday – Pasta w/ Veggies
Dry Cereal

Tuesday – 15 Bean Soup w/ biscuits and veggies
Oatmeal with fruit

Wednesday – Pizzas on Corn Tortillas
Apple Muffins

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Raw Avocado and Zucchini Toss (We tried this recipe last week and it was super yummy.  We added one finely chopped roma tomato and some spinach. This week, we are going to try to add more basil and roasted garlic.  Yes, I do realize that by adding roasted garlic, this is no longer a raw meal.)

Saturday – Waffles
Hay Stacks

Sunday – Fresh Sandwiches/wraps (Arlen with Bread, Laura with Corn Tortillas)
Leftover Waffles (or Apple Pancakes)

Monday – Chili
Apple Pancakes w/chili beancakes

Tuesday – Mashed or Baked Potatoes with Veggies
Apple Muffins w/chili bean cakes

Wednesday – Stew and biscuits
Apple Pancakes w/chili bean cakes

Thursday – Leftovers
Oatmeal and fruit


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