The Food Challenge

I have discovered that I do, in fact, seem to have a gluten intolerance.  You know, it’s kind of odd, but my initial reaction is that I want to laugh.  At this point I have gotten so used to having my diet limited that it has become kind of like a game to me.  I enjoy coming up with healthy and mouthwatering food despite my limitations.  As of right now, here are my restrictions.  I am vegetarian by choice, so no meat.  I have an intolerance to milk and gluten.  My son (whom I am breastfeeding which means I have the same restrictions in my diet as well) is allergic to soy, nuts (including peanuts and coconuts), eggs, and milk.  He also seems to have issues with gluten.

It seems impossible right? But it’s not.  I hope to be sharing more of my inventions with you, if a few things are okay with you.

#1 Pictures will not always be included, and when they are, they may not be very good.  I usually just take pictures from my phone because it is so much easier to get them to my computer than uploading them from the nice camera.  I’m bad enough about getting pictures as is.

#2 Recipes may not be exact.  I wing it a lot in the kitchen.  I will do my best to give you exact measurements, but a lot of things are just “to taste”.

So, that being said, I guess look for some more recipes as I explore the world of food. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Food Challenge

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  2. Looking forward to your inventions! I wing it in the kitchen too;0) Glad you’re looking at it as a challenge/adventure and not a hardship. I hear people complain alot about what they “can’t” have but I guess it’s harder for some to come up with new things.

    • I think it is a bigger challenge for some than others. I think it’s especially hard for people on-the-go who don’t already do much cooking on their own, but I already love to cook, so that makes it easier. 🙂

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