Menu Plan 11/20-11/26

I understand this is a bit messy, but here is the menu plan for the week.  If you have questions on any of the recipes, let me know.

Sunday – Split peas – Samuel – split peas, cornbread, grapes
Apple Muffins – Samuel – Muffins, Applesauce and Rice cereal, peaches

Monday – Messy Janes with Lentils (on Rice or bread) – Samuel – Messy Jane, rice (or rice cereal), cheerios, veggie
Apple Pancakes – Samuel – pancakes, applesauce, fruit jar

Tuesday – Leftovers (clean out fridge)
Family Night

Wednesday – Raw Avocado Zuchinni toss  Samuel – Avocado sauce, avocado, cheerios, beans
Pasta with veggies and red sauce – Samuel – Gluten-free pasta, applesauce, banana

Thursday – (Thanksgiving) – Breakfast – Leftovers
Veggie Pot Pie w/ biscuit topping (make topping gluten-free so Samuel can eat) (Take pouches, jars and cheerios for Samuel)
Take Bean Cakes with Burger toppings

Friday – Salad – Samuel Avocado, Beans, Green beans, jar
Waffles (or apple muffins)

Saturday – Waffels (or apple muffins)
Hay Stacks



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