Menu Plan 11/14-11/20

I make a menu plan every week, so I thought I would post them here from time to time if anyone is interested. Right now our diet is egg, soy, and nut free. It is wheat free, which may be permanent (this is the newest change due to the fact that I may have a gluten intolerance). As usual, it’s also vegan. 🙂

Monday – Pasta (gluten-free) w/ red sauce and veggies
Breakfast Burritos w/ corn tortillas, beans, grits, and fresh veggies

Tuesday – Veggie Pot Pie
Family Night

Wednesday – Split Peas and Veggies and Cornbread
Breakfast burritos

Thursday – Kidneys and Sweet Potato, Squash, Salad
Bean cake, cereal, fruit

Friday – Large Salad
Apple muffins or Apple pancakes

Saturday – Apple Muffins or pancakes
Popcorn, fruit and hummus

Amended : We have a TON of soup leftover from Arlen’s party and some other oddities so I’m taking out the veggie pot pie and split peas and doing soup instead, and we will have pintos and sweet potatoes instead of kidneys and sweet potatoes.


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