Reviews and Giveaway

I found two things I’m super excited about and I can’t wait to share them with you.  One is Sweetbottoms Baby Botique.  I pretty much thought that all online cloth diaper retailers were created equal and I would go with whichever one had what I needed in stock and at the best prices.  However, since finding Sweetbottoms Baby Botique, my opinion has changed.  They have great prices, excellent customer service, free shipping on all US and Canada orders, plus all of the items you order from there seem like a gift as they come nicely wrapped with a personal note.  Shipping is super fast as well.  It’s great when the retailer makes you feel special each time you order from them.  You should check out their website.

I am also super excited about envirosax.  These are reusable bags that fold up really small so you can be sure to have a reusable option with you every time you go to the store.  I’ve had plenty of the bags you can buy for a dollar at most stores now, but I forget them most of the time, and I end up using the plastic shopping bags – NOT what I want to do.  I love my envirosax bag because I ALWAYS have it in my purse – no matter where I go shopping, I can just whip it out and use it.  Because they do cost around $9, I can only buy one at a time, but the bag holds a TON (up to 40lb), so even just having one bag greatly reduces the amount of plastic bags I’m using.

I’m doing a giveaway and will be sending one envirosax bag from Sweetbottoms Baby Botique to the winner.  Check out my vido on YouTube to learn more:


2 thoughts on “Reviews and Giveaway

  1. Envirosax are AMAZING !!! I bought one of their 5 packs and I have 2 in my purse, two in the car and one in Porter’s diaper bag… I just love them and they make it so much easier to remember to bring your own bag to the store !!!

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