Diary of a Sleepless Child – Montessori Method Night 1

Samuel fell asleep while nursing before supper at about 5:50ish and we didn’t let him sleep for more than 10 minutes, and I don’t even think he was asleep for that long.

7:50 After the first night of trying to put him down

Wow!  That went amazingly better than I thought it would.  At about 6:45 Arlen and Samuel headed back to the bedroom for a massage, diaper change, PJ’s and general night prep.  I joined them shortly for worship and stories on Samuel’s bed. (It’s so cool that we can do all that on Samuel’s bed now instead of our bed.) Arlen turned off the lights as he left and I was prepared to be on the floor with a wiggly little boy for hours.  However, that’s not how it happened!  He did some of what he did for nap times, but generally hung closer to the mat.  He pulled a couple things out of a drawer, but didn’t pull out any books or toys.  He mostly played with his blanket – a good sign he was really tired.  He spit up on me – yuck, so I quickly changed my clothes – keeping the lights off and making as little ruckus as possible. I didn’t talk to him, but I would rub his back and smile at him.  He started really cuddling up to me a lot and he would be totally still for 10-15 seconds at a time.  It was clear he was trying to go to sleep, but just didn’t know how.  After a few minutes of this, he finally rested his head on my cheek.  I counted for somewhere between 2 to 3 minutes.  As I was counting I felt his body getting that limp – I’m totally out – sleepy feeling.  Then, I moved him off my face so that he was fully on the mat.  He moved a litte, but didn’t wake.  I left the room in utter amazement, and was in even more shock when I saw the time!  Not counting worship, story reading, etc that took less than 45 minutes with no walking, bouncing, or crying!!! AMAZING!

Even more than being excited about things going so well, I am excited that we might actually be helping Samuel long-term with this method.  It’s clear from his behavior tonight that he just doesn’t know how to put himself to sleep.  Hopefully he can learn with me right there by his side and over time he may not need my help at all! YAY!

Now, we have to see how his night wakings go, but I am hopeful!

7:45 am

Last night went very well.  Samuel only woke up twice – both times quite hungry – at about 12:30 and 4:10.  He was so cute when he woke up as he crawled right over to our bed and reached up for his Daddy (Arlen sleeps closest to him right now, which may change soon. ) Sometimes he only needs one feeding, so at 4:10, Arlen changed Samuel’s diaper and laid down with him to see if he would go back to sleep without eating.  He did fall asleep, but it didn’t last for even five minutes.  It was clear, he was hungry.

Samuel woke up in a very good mood this morning at 6:45 and started playing quietly in the bedroom – fantastic! I’d say night one was a definite success.


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