Diary of a Sleepless Child – Montessori Method Day 2

11:14 am – After first nap attempt of the day

Wow! That was a bit rough. We started this one off poorly as Samuel had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  His blood was drawn and it was generally a bad experience, not to mention, we didn’t get home until after 10:00.  We totally missed the “window of opportunity”.  Nonetheless, at about 10:15 we started the nap routine.  After the screaming he did at the doctor’s office, I was sure Samuel would be pretty worn out. However, it was the usual, flitting around, wallowing on the bed, head-butting mommy, etc. he was just more fussy than usual. At about 10:50 Samuel really started to cry.  It was clear from watching him that he just didn’t know how to settle down.  I rubbed his back (maybe I should have dried singing to him), but he was just getting more and more worked up.  At 11:08, I decided to bounce him on the ball for a minute or two just to calm him down, not put him to sleep.  Once I felt his body relax, I got up and took him to the mat.  I laid down with him.  He immediately started crying, but was too tired to actually get up.  He was totally out in under 30 seconds. I would say maybe this is the first successful nap with this routine, but I did bounce him for a minute or two (max), so I’m not sure I can say that.

This is hard. 😦

11:57 – he woke up and nursed – it was lunch time.  But he fell back asleep for about 5-10 minutes.

3:33 After Second Nap attempt

Samuel has been very tired and cranky today, and I am totally worn out.  By 3:20, it was clear he was not going to go down if I just took him back in the room, but he was certainly in need of a nap, so Arlen took him back and walked him for 5 minutes. He laid him down “basically asleep, then he moved around and settled himself some.” Maybe we shouldn’t have walked him – it’s hard to say.  I’m just worried Samuel won’t get the sleep he needs.  Hmmm . . . what to do?

Arlen woke Samuel up at 4:30.  He was still sleeping, but we want him to sleep tonight.

We finished the bedtime routine at 7:35ish (a little late due to Samuel’s late bedtime).  Arlen left the room and I got comfortable on Samuel’s mat.  I was expecting it to take a while tonight.  I turned on Samuel’s Twilight Turtle that he got for his birthday.  I started with the blue stars because you can see them the best.  I quickly noticed that they are also the brightest, something I found to be working against me, so I switched to the amber stars (the dimmest setting). Samuel didn’t really explore much tonight.  He wined a little when Arlen left, but he mostly stayed on his mat.  Just like last night, he curled up with me, resting his head against mine as I rubbed his back. I was up against the wall tonight, so I wasn’t sure how I would get out of the bed.  It wasn’t really problem.  I just slid Samuel off of me.  He shifted to get comfortable, I covered him with a blanket, and I left my precious sleeping boy in the room at about 7:55pm – that’s less than 30 minutes!  Wow!

Nights are going well, it seems.  Naps still have a long way to go. . .


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