Diary of a Sleepless Child – Montessori Method Day 1

11:00 After the first nap attempt

At 9:55, Arlen started the music and changed Samuel’s diaper.  I sat with him on the mattress and read him a few stories.  As expected, Samuel didn’t sleep for this nap period.  He flitted around the room, eagerly exploring all that he could.  Occasionally, he would come up on the mat and wallow a little bit, rubbing his eyes.  As soon as I would put a blanket over his legs, he would pop up and was off again.  At 10:45, after 45 minutes of “laying in bed,” we were done and we came out of the bedroom and began playing.  Samuel has been a bit cranky – but that’s to be expected.


I started nursing Samuel before lunch at about 12:10ish and, not surprisingly, he fell asleep.  I tried to wake him, but he was totally out, so I laid him down on his mat to sleep.  Not what I was going for, but we’ll see what happens.

Samuel woke up at 12:55, which means he had about a 25-30 minute nap.  When he woke up, he clearly was still tired, but I didn’t put him back down because of the timing of his nap.

3:52 After 2nd Nap attempt

At 2:55 Arlen changed Samuel’s diaper.  He was clearly very tired.  I got down on Samuel’s mat with him and looked at a few stories.  I got under the covers and tried to get him to join me, but he wasn’t interested.  This nap attempt was much like the nap attempt this morning.  It’s amazing how crabby he is until we go into the bedroom and try to sleep – he’s super happy and energized then . . . hmmm.  I decided to sit this one out a little longer just to see if there would be more signs of going to sleep.  He rubbed his eyes more, and a few times I thought he might actually settle down beside me, but no luck.  I realized that he may not associate any of this with sleep, so I thought I would try to get him a little drowsy.  I bounced him on the exercise ball for about 1.5 mins, and quickly saw that it was going no where, so I went back to my post on Samuel’s mat.  At 3:345 I decided to call it quits (If Samuel sleeps past 4:00, he doesn’t go to sleep until REALLY late.)

I’m going to go ahead and post this now, as I’m not sure what tonight will hold.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it takes 2-3 hours for him to get to sleep tonight.  I guess we’ll have to see.  One good thing about this method so far is that I don’t get frustrated. When I’m not all worn out from walking him and bouncing him, it’s easier to have patience.


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