A One Year Old’s Barnyard Birthday

I was so excited about Samuel’s first birthday!  I wanted him to have a party that he, at one could enjoy, so here is what I did.

I invited all the guests to dress up.  We had all manner of farm folk and barnyard animals:

The cow, the pig and the farmer


Barnyard Family


Mar Mye was the Rooster

We  had a barn cake complete with farm critters and some nice, farm type food.

Split peas, lemonade, cornbread, veggies, pigs in a blanket apples and melons

There was a photo spot, a duck pond, and a farm-themed sensory tub.

Duck Pond

Shreded paper for straw, apple, potato, carrot, feathers, mason jar, seed packet, yarn (wool)

I also had some farm coloring pages for the older kids, farm books from the library (both board books and otherwise), farm themed sensory bottles with dirt, beans, wheat, etc and some of Arlen’s Barn Duplos from childhood.  I think Samuel really liked it.  He wasn’t too sure about the cake though. 😉

THAT'S Cake?!? YUCK!

Happy Birthday little guy! We love you! What a precious gift from God!


3 thoughts on “A One Year Old’s Barnyard Birthday

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  2. What a great theme for a 1st birthday !!! You did such a fantastic job with it too !!! Looks like it was a fantastic day !

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