It’s About Time – A Sneak Peek

I have had people bugging me for a while now to publish some books I’ve written over the past five years.  I usually just smile and say thank you for the compliment. There is one book in particular that I spent endless hours working on (surely more than 100 hours), a book that I think really might be helpful to a number of people.  If any of you were in my Junior’s class at church you have already had a little bit of experience with it, but you’re about it so far. (Consider yourself an exclusive sneak previewer ;)).  It’s called My Bible Study Notebook. It is chalk full of creative Bible study methods that focus on reviewing, studying and applying God’s Word.  It also includes lots of great ideas for Scripture memorization.

I don’t really like the idea of using my blog as a sales platform, but I do want to make it available for people to buy here (I’m not really sure how else to best do that.) So, I have a page on the site dedicated to the new book.  You can click on the Bible Study Notebook link above or click here to find out more about the book and to download a free sample.


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