Samuel’s Favorite Toys – Shape Sorter

Samuel’s current favorite toy is the Sorting Basket by Pintoy.


Typically shape sorters are recommended for around 18 months.  I purchased this one for Samuel’s birthday or Christmas, but was in a real bind one day and needed something for Samuel to play with so I pulled this out of the closet.  I expected him to dump the contents out of the top and put them back in again (through the large top opening) but he surprised me and tried to fit the shapes in the holes.  Samuel needs help to know which slot to put the blocks in and sometimes needs help with correct shape orientation, but he LOVES to play with it.  I can’t wait to see how his play changes.  Below is my complete video review. 🙂

Current Age: 10 months

Why mom likes this toy: Shape sorters are great for teaching counting, shapes, colors and more.  I like this particular sorter because it’s easy for toddlers to tote around and for them to access the blocks inside.  I also like that this is solid wood with sturdy construction – it’s sure to last for multiple kids!

Drawbacks: The basket is a bit heavy – especially with all of the blocks in it, but I don’t know that the weight will be a problem when Samuel want’s to carry it. There are two green blocks rather than having a purple, white or pink.


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