Samuel’s Week in Pictures

Samuel's first time using sidewalk chalk

"B" - Blue Chalk


Looking at "B"ooks with Grandma

Grandma brought lots of fun buttons!

Canned cat food makes fantastic "B"locks

Samuel's first work of art with pen


3 thoughts on “Samuel’s Week in Pictures

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  2. Little Samuel is getting so big and I see he is getting hair! Maybe even some curls. I love his little chunky legs and that he is already drawing! I am a little panicked about seeing all those buttons in front of him, though! Looks like a choking accident in the making. Sometimes they can be so quick to grab something and pop it in their mouth. Take it from a mom who seen her more than one of her kids choke so badly we thought we could lose them, don’t take the risk. It isn’t worth it!! Make sure his toys and everything in his environment is baby safe.

    • He is getting so big. No need to panic. 🙂 Samuel is really good about not putting things in his mouth (except for leaves for some reason – we really have to watch him with those), and he was highly supervised by Grandma. Tactile activities like buckets full of rice, beans, sand, buttons, etc. are really good for this age. However, it is important that any activity like that be carefully watched and cleaned up well when the activity is complete. Everything he has access to is safe and choke-free. 🙂 Thanks for your concern.

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