Simplifying Stewardship

I know that spending money wisely is super important, not only from an economic perspective, but because all we have is really a gift from God.

So, how can I use God’s financial resources wisely? How can I use my money in a way that is honoring to God? How can the way I manage finances guide me toward simplification?

While I was thinking and praying about these things, the idea of financial sustainability came up. I ran across an article at the Institute for Humane Education’s website ( that included these seven questions to ask yourself before making any purchases:

1. Is this a Want or a Need?
2. How much will I use it? How long will it last?
3. Could I borrow it ? Make it? Do without it?
4. Will having this add meaning to my life?
5. Is purchasing this item the best way to care for myself and the planet?
6. What is the true cost of this item to:
Other cultures?
Other people?
Other species?
Other animals?
The environment?
7. What will happen to this item when I’m finished with it?

I love this list. It helps us think about the greater impact of our financial decisions, however, there are a few questions lacking (aside from the obvious availability of funds):

8. What is the eternal value of this item?
9. How will It honor God? Is it in line with Biblical principles?
10. Would making this purchase/investment make it difficult for me to give in other areas God has called me to give?

Asking these questions will help me not only to simplify and reduce the amount of stuff coming in, but it will also help simplify finances and send me on the path to good stewardship.


2 thoughts on “Simplifying Stewardship

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