Reduce, REUSE, Recycle

Today I was happy that I was able to fully utilize the second of the three R’s.  We have some great nighttime diapers for Samuel that we were able to get for free.  Unfortunately, they have hook-and-loop (velcro) closures, which are notorious for wearing out.  Samuel’s are barely staying closed.  When I was talking to my husband about the potentials for replacements, we decided on Rumparooz – they are by far the best nighttime diapers, followed by the KaWaii heavy wetters (the ones with the bad velcro).  The down side is that Rumparooz are $23 each, and we need two to replace the two diapers that are falling apart.  That’s $46 – Gulp!!

It wasn’t long before I was thinking about the three S’s – Sustainability, Simplicity and Stewardship.  So, I did some thinking.  We have a Rumparooz that we have hardly ever used.  One of the snaps fell off, but other than that, it’s in almost new condition.  I found someone who could repair the snap for me for a minimal charge – awesome.  As I poked around the website, I also discovered that she can turn my KaWaii diapers into snap diapers – even better!  I am eager to send my diapers out!  All in all, I will spend under $15.oo and will end up with three diapers where I would have only had two (and would have spent $46).   Not only am I saving money, but I’m producing less waste, and generally making a choice towards sustainability and simplicity.

What are some ways you can think outside the box and extend the life of some items you may normally toss?  I’d love to hear your stories.

BTW – If you have cloth diapers that you’re tempted to give the boot due to less-than-sticky velcro, broken snaps, or shot elastic, check out these websites and consider perking up the cloth you already have rather than buying new ones.  Wether you bought cloth for the environment, your finances or both, you will just be extending your cause farther. 🙂
Dandy Diaper Repair
Convert My Diapers







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