No Wonder I’m So Tired

Every once in a while, Arlen tracks how things go at night so that we can look for any patterns or see if Samuel is improving.  This is a record from an average night:

7:00 start walking
7:08 down (8m)
8:58 noise, moving
10:19 woke
10:23 ate
10:54 walk, 2 tries
11:12 down (53m)
1:01 woke, diaper change, walk, tried to put down
1:24 ate
1:45? Down (44m)
3:24 woke, walk, 2 tries
3:50 down (26m)
4:56 woke, ate
5:10 walk, 2 tries, restless
5:30 down (34m)
6:01 woke, diaper change, walk 2 tries
6:25 down (24m)
7:13 up

3:09 total
6 helps

This is all after a very consistent bedtime routine.

Lately, nights have been getting worse, especially last night, but overall, this is a pretty good representation. No wonder we are all so tired!


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