Project Simplification – Week 2

Last’s week’s goal went pretty well.  I still miss the intimacy I enjoyed during the time I spent with God before Samuel was born – when I had a solid hour.  However, I know that over time, I will learn how to deeply connect with God in my current phase of life, and at some point, I’ll get to have that whole hour again.  So this is a goal I will continue to work on.

I have been praying a lot about what my new goal will be for this week – I have so many ideas, it’s hard to know where to start. My goal this week is one of planning.  It’s honestly not what I was thinking – I’m a woman of action, so I wanted to really do something, but I have to remind myself that sometimes planning is doing something. I wonder how many hours I would save if I remembered that every time I started something new. 😉

As you might have seen in my previous post, one step in the journey to simplification relates to our garden.  We have always had a garden, but I want to learn how to get the most out of it.  The best ways to grow and store the food the garden produces. I want to learn how to save my own seed as well.  All of this is foreign to me and there is so much to learn about each plant.  So, this week I am going to make a plan – a schedule at least for the next few months of all the things I’m going to learn about the garden – who knows – those might even end up being some of my weekly goals. I may even throw in some other things.

With that said, to the drawing board I go!

  1. Daily time in Scriptures – 7/20/11
  2. Make a plan for garden education – 7/24/2011

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